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Chase & Lane are drunken fools with a lot on their minds. You can now listen to our conversations and be part of the discussion. Email us at trashtalkomaha@gmail.com Enjoy the wonders and freedoms of madmen.

June 20, 2022

¡Mycelium Walls Killer Dan is Back! 6/9/22

TTO-118 The Boys, Aliens Gods, UAP UFO, Puerto Rico State Citizens Vote, Huckleberry, Renewable House Floating Biblioteca, Guan Lake Titicaca, Antarctica Treaty, Gun Laws, Congressional Hearings, Mass Shootings, Guns Uvalde Police, Body Armor, Fungus Amongus, Quantum Force, Star Wars, Dark Material, Vicky Shortages, Baby Food Fires Conspiracy, Breast Milk, Home Growth Hormones. 

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