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Chase & Lane are drunken fools with a lot on their minds. You can now listen to our conversations and be part of the discussion. Email us at trashtalkomaha@gmail.com Enjoy the wonders and freedoms of madmen.

March 28, 2022

Embarrassing Childhood Stories 3/20/2022

TTO-110 Priapism, Coprophilia, & Penis Captivus, Favorite Toy as Kid, Bonsai Cherry Lego Tree, Gundam Power Rangers, Twitter Funko Pop, Stuck With Boner Erection, Dynamite Genes, Eyebrows, Rockets in Eyeball, Shit Milk, Stack of Dead Toads, Ratemypoo.com Burnt Shit in a Cup, Mike Tyson Biting, Boxing UFC, Women's NCAA Swimming, Keep it in the Circus, Trans Olympics, tWoW, The Winds of Winter, MILF Hitting on Kid, Consensual Sex. 

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