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Chase & Lane are drunken fools with a lot on their minds. You can now listen to our conversations and be part of the discussion. Email us at trashtalkomaha@gmail.com Enjoy the wonders and freedoms of madmen.

June 2, 2022

Fast Molasses, Skid Mark Twain, & Priest Bless Church Sex 5/26/22

TTO-116A  Drowning in a Doughnut Hole, Tinder Age, Church Sex, Road Hog, Pussy Cops, Getting Slabbed, Molasses Flood, Vegemite, Marmite, Pink Sludge Hotdogs, All Beef Waffles, Badass at Gym, Gangster Walk, 11 Hertz Amplitude Human Frequency Aura, Spaceballs Andor Trailer, Nikola Tesla Shit Mark Twains Pants, Brown Note, Kenobi Star Wars, Priest Approves, Can't Get Off, & D&D.


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