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Chase & Lane are drunken fools with a lot on their minds. You can now listen to our conversations and be part of the discussion. Email us at trashtalkomaha@gmail.com Enjoy the wonders and freedoms of madmen.

June 2, 2022

Lego, Death, Robots, & Star Wars 5/26/22

TTO-116B Building a Lego AT-AT Next Week! Love, Death & Robots, Pool Skimmer, Humans Latino Political Party, Star Wars Visions, Clone Wars Mortis Arc, Night Sisters Dark Magic, Acolyte Series, Mace Windu vs Palpatine, Ahsoka Luke Princess Lei Bail Organo Speculations, Halo Cowboy Bebop, Cartoon Anime, Lego Building Ebay, Gina Carano Fan, Cara Dune Hero, Planet of Mexican, Bright, Suicaide Squad, District 9, Will Smith Movies, Milk Carton Paper, and Buying a Lego AT-AT for Next Week!

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