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Chase & Lane are drunken fools with a lot on their minds. You can now listen to our conversations and be part of the discussion. Email us at trashtalkomaha@gmail.com Enjoy the wonders and freedoms of madmen.

May 25, 2022

Wagyu T!ts & Artic Dinosaurs 5/17/22

TTO-115 Gym Ladies, Comedians and Netflix, Anime Fan, Red Solo Cups in China, Harry Potter, Lil Lane, Your Dirt Bike, Orange Cereal, Tropicana Toothpaste, Pulp Candy Derail, Collecting Cards, Basketball Final, Magic Mike, Sandwich Catering Judging, Amber Turd, Name That Poop, I like Beer, Scat Expert, Artic Dinosaurs, Jeff Goldblum, The Hobbit

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